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I am trying so hard to vibe :)

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This. This sidenav is the update. Wasn't here before. It is now. Pogchamp of it to just be there.

bench under autumn tree

Hey, how did you end up here? Are you alright? Here, let me give you a hand.

Where are you? Uh, how to put it. You’re not really anywhere. This isn’t a place. It’s like a bunch of squares built loosely into an image.

Oh, it’s my image. It’s built on my feelings, the weird waves in my gut, sometimes my fingers just pitter patter back and forth across my keys and something I only recognise unconsciously appears.

Words make a wonderful interface. Very flexible. And less terrifying than staring at the reality behind the screen.

Who am I? Oh. I’m. . . not sure. Really. I’m a persona, like a jigsaw where every piece is bad copy of a piece from a different whole puzzle. I just pick them up as I go along. I don’t even know which pieces I originally came with. Is that a bad thing? I never feel satisfied with myself, and I’m often left confused with my identity, but I like to think the pieces I pick up can build a better me.



Sorry, you seem so confused! Let’s start over.

Hi! I’m [Redacted], this is where I vibe.